It’s no secret that many of the products we use and consume everyday are imported to the U.S. This includes small items from stationary, clothes, furniture and even big items used to build a house such as flooring in this case. I guess the point is, that although many items are imported to the U.S and we don’t think too much about the everyday items we use, we should be wary of the safety of the products and to be aware that not all companies follow proper procedures to obtain the products or follow quality regulations.

Do you remember the formaldehyde scare for the flooring industry in 2015? Now it has advanced to an increasing awareness and knowledge of illegal Chinese dumping. This “dumping” has increased from 2013 and ongoing.

Recently, the coalition for Fair Trade of Hardwood Plywood (CFTHP) has filed a petition to the U.S Department of Commerce and U.S Department of International Trade regarding imports of hardwood plywood products from China being sold in the U.S for below cost prices. Most of these products do not pass quality control. According to “flooringcoveringnews, Volume 31/Number 12, page 33”, the Chinese producers “receive illegal government subsidiaries, such as tax breaks and discounted land and raw materials.”

As a result, China is enabled to capture the growing share of the U.S hardwood plywood market and U.S companies and manufacturers are disadvantaged. Thousands of American jobs are lost and due to China’s unfair practices, many companies selling products from China may be under suspicion of selling illegally or under quality products to the U.S public even if they are following regulations and working with trustable manufactures.  

Responsible practice as distributers of flooring products is to always make sure your supply chain is following legal practices and regulations. Additionally, as consumers, it is equally important to make sure and that the flooring you buy is safe for your home or office. In conclusion, be careful of illegal Chinese dumping, especially if the price of product is suspiciously low.